Ingrid Hofstra photographer and writer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands

How does your Sunday begin?

My Sundays begin slow. I often sleep in, until 10, maybe 10.30. Then I slowly wake up, cuddle with my love until we both get to the point we are so hungry that one of us gets up and makes us both breakfast. Either pancakes with pear, or a big bowl of comfortable porridge, or sometimes just some avocado toast with a boiled egg. Whatever it is, we also put a lot of love into our Sunday "brunch". We talk, we eat, maybe watch some Netflix, while still in bed.

You cook a lot and write about food. Do you have a meal that is exclusive on Sundays?

I don't have a specific meal for Sundays, however I do like brunch, and for dinner just have some soup made from scratch. Whatever's in season is fine. Right now, I am really into spicy pumpkin soup!

Travel is an integral part of your life. Maybe you remember where and how you spent your most memorable Sunday?

Woah, this is a tough one. The best Sunday while traveling... Well, two months ago I had a Sunday very well spent in Iceland. I helped out during a food & photography workshop with Eva Kosmas Flores and Carey Nershi. We drove to an amazing hot spring which also served as a geothermal bakery. We had the most amazing slice of rye bread, which had been baking for 24 hours in the hot Icelandic soil. The bread was still warm and so moist, topped with some Icelandic salmon. I couldn't be more grateful at that moment. So yeah, that was a pretty good Sunday!

Photography: Ingrid Hofstra @ingridhofstra