Irene Berni writer, photographer and B&B owner based in Florence, Italy

Sunday breakfast according to Irene.

Oh breakfast is my favorite part of the day that’s why I have chosen to transform it into my job! Homemade jam with toasted bread and butter are my essentials (I love figs jam or the blackberry jam) and my husband's is cappuccino. I love to finish a bowl worth of yogurt with granola and juice. I bake everyday but my cakes are always finished when it’s my turn to have breakfast :)

Since you provide B&B services and have guests over, you probably have this weekend feeling everyday. How do your Sundays differ from other weekdays?

You are right, I enjoy the typical Italian breakfast every day but Sunday is special because my daughter is at home. Only with the whole family reunited the table is really perfect.

The perfect weekend, how do you imagine it?

Slow waking, breakfast with all the family, spend some time at the local flea market (every weekend there is one in Tuscany) or in nature have dinner with friends.

Photography: Irene Berni @valdirose