Jade Lavoie interior designer and adventurer based in Quebec, Canada

What would you say is the perfect Sunday for Jade?

The perfect Sunday would be a warm mid-spring day, sunny but a bit cloudy, thus providing my favorite lighting condition for an outdoor photography session. At that time of the year, the awakening nature is full of surprises. Most people are all smiles as the last inches of snow are melting, birds are coming back and singing, etc. There is so much going on.

I wouldn’t be home on such a perfect Sunday. I would probably be visiting my parents in my peaceful hometown located along the Saint-Lawrence river. A long walk on the beach is an absolute must. It would be a slow day but not a boring one.

What are the three things that you spoil yourself on Sundays?

On weekdays, I usually drink a Matcha tea at home without really taking time to slow down. On Sunday, I enjoy having a high quality coffee, and sometimes a doughnut, in one of my favorite Cafés. Then, if the weather is friendly enough, I have a walk in Old Quebec. The European architecture makes me feel on vacation somehow.

A little road trip out of town is always appreciated.There are many beautiful places not too far (Île d’Orleans, Baie-Saint-Paul, etc.). And I'm glad to share these photos on my Instagram account.

It is always a treat to have breakfast with friends on Sunday whether at a restaurant or at home. The atmosphere and the conversation are different in the morning. It is a nice way to start a day.

What are your Sundays like when you're exploring with the renovated Boler?

When we’re out on a little weekend getaway, Sunday means that we need to pack up our things and head back home. Packing up isn’t the best part but it’s still funnier than all the Sundays we have spent restoring our camper. All those efforts were worth it though and now we feel less guilty to take it easy.

We usually try to wake up early which is a pretty easy task when camping. Then we take our time having breakfast while enjoying what our generally well chosen camping spot has to offer (the sounds of the waves, whale watching, etc.). We make sure to save some time for a few stops on our way back home. Of course, I always have my camera with me.

Photography: Jade Lavoie @oohdearjade