Jenni Haikonen artist, illustrator based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

How would you describe your Sunday? 

Sundays are sacred for me. They are habitually the day of complete rest in our house, with no to-do lists or important tasks. Our Sundays always start with getting ready and heading out to our church gathering in the morning (but if I could combine this with a slow & quiet large breakfast, it would be the best way to start off!). Spending time with our church community, in reflection and hearing good words of challenge or encouragement is the most fulfilling and life-giving part of our morning and tends to set the tone for the rest of the day. Sunday afternoons often feel soft and gentle, with time spent in nature, in community with friends or at home enjoying quiet activities like baking or watching a film. My husband has been initiating a ritual of making a Sunday roast for our dinner in the evening, which is best enjoyed by candlelight.

You're an illustrator, a creative person, do you also spend your weekends creating? Could you tell me more about it? 

Because much of my week is spent alone in creativity, I find that the creative part of my brain is usually spent by the time the weekend comes! So, I most often use my weekends to gather inspiration and invest in the relationships that surround me. My creativity most abounds when I take the time to pause and reflect before jumping back into it during the week days.

What are your plans for the upcoming holiday weekends?

Like any creative person who sells physical objects, the holiday season tends to be the busiest time of year for sales & gifts, and I've got one market left and a few commissions to work on. I also work in a retail shop on Saturdays, so my weekends are filled with activity in the days leading up to Christmas. But I'm trying to take the time, especially on Sundays, to enjoy the quiet moments of joy that make up the season and really be mindful to be present in each one. My husband and I have plans to create some new traditions together and to spend some quality time with friends and family in the days ahead. I'm also very much looking forward to traveling back to my very tiny prairie hometown to spend Christmas in the snow! 

Photography: Jenni Haikonen @jennihaikonen, Blythe Leslie @blythelesliephoto