Josephine Brooks mentor for side-hustlers based in Wiltshire, United Kingdom

How do your Sundays begin? Do you have a morning ritual?

Sunday’s are always slow in our house, as they should be. It’s all about savouring the moments and not having to rush anything. Our Sunday’s start with a cup of tea in bed. To me, that’s such a luxury and I really enjoy sipping away at my tea while I look out the window, and take in what the weather looks like for the day. Breakfast follows a little later, it’s something we really take our time with, there’s no rush. We eat, we chat, we laugh, we have many cups of tea and we slowly break into the day. Around mid-day we take the dogs out for a walk. We live in a really beautiful spot, on the Wiltshire/Hampshire border and our walks take us over rolling hills and often down to the river which runs only about 500 yards from our back door.

My favourite Sunday thing to do is, go for a long walk, get plenty of fresh air and then come home to a simple but delicious lunch, followed by lighting the fire (in autumn and winter) and getting into my comfies.

Do you plan your Sundays? Or do you let them flow naturally?

I’m a natural planner and my boyfriend prefers to be totally spontaneous. I like to at least know what’s going on, even if the plan is to have a quiet Sunday and do very little. I like to know what sort of time we’re going to go out for a walk and when, and what, we’re going to eat. This infuriates my boyfriend who hates the idea of planning out our Sundays. We’re like chalk and cheese, but his more relaxed approach has helped me learn to relax into our Sundays. It’s definitely been a process of learning to let go of that control!

One thing I do spend time planning every Sunday, is my week ahead. Usually around 6pm, when my mind flicks to the following week, I’ll spend 10 minutes filling out my planner with appointments and tasks for the next week. It means that when I wake up on Monday I already know what I need to do for the week. It’s a habit that’s stuck over the years.

Tell me about your most memorable Sunday.

This Sunday just gone was a real treat. I had a really hectic week of speaking at an event and writing a couple of workbooks for my ‘Plan-Along’ membership group, by the time Sunday rolled around I was so ready to switch off. As ever, it started with tea in bed followed by pancakes for breakfast (I don’t usually go to this much effort for breakfast but I wanted this particular Sunday to be special). My boyfriend and I walked the dogs together and came home to eat a delicious slow-cooker stew. As we’re just on the cusp of autumn right now, that comfort food felt so good to eat. I spent the afternoon knitting and watching rugby with my boyfriend. I’d love to tell you we read the papers, drank coffee and did other wholesome things but sometimes a Sunday afternoon on the sofa is exactly what we need to recharge our batteries.

I want to caveat, not all of my Sundays are like this, but this Sunday just gone, I was in particular need of the most sundayiest of Sundays and I can tell you, it was so good!

Photography: Josephine Brooks @josephinepbrooks