Julia Brenner photographer based in Barcelona, Spain

Please share the things that make your Sunday a real Sunday?

My Sundays are different and random - sometimes I travel with my boyfriend out of Barcelona or just walk in the city enjoying food, bars and weather. Spontaneous things could make my Sunday beautiful! But the main thing for a real Sunday is not to think about any problems and keep it simple, cozy and hang out with your lovely people.

How do you find balance between working as a freelancer and leisure time?

I find the balance between my work and leisure time very easily because my work is a part of my lifestyle. So I just try to organise my day with a to do list. Before I was very bad at this, but now it seems easier to manage. Sometimes I take pictures when I travel or walk or I just drink coffee in a cozy place working on my computer. I even prefer to work in my free time because I’m getting super inspired with ideas and have a burning feeling in my chest, trying to make these ideas real. I also try to put all my devices aside after dinner time because it’s time for enjoying the evening in a different way. If I would live alone, I would spend my evenings making something with my hands - ceramics or flower compositions like a sociopathic person in his own world.

If you could spend your Sunday anyway you want, how would it look like?

I would be happy to spend my Sunday flying in a hot air balloon above mountains and forests or having other new beautiful experiences that I can remember forever.

Photography: Julia Brenner @brennerjulia, Steff Gutovska @steff.gutovska (1,8), Mario AV @marioav (7)