Juste Boreikaite artisan jewelry designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania

When you catch yourself in moments of quiet, where does this happen mostly? 

My quiet moments - looking down from a high mountain to the endless horizon, or while on a yoga mat doing body movement therapy. When I calm the mind I start hearing my body again.

What is the perfect music for your Sunday? 

Most of the time the best music for me is silence. But I also love my husbands playlists, while they're different every time, they always seem to fit the Sunday mood.

What are your plans for next Sunday? 

This Sunday will be full of household matters, so I hope to find at least a bit of time for reading a new book and meeting my friends. Since I'm doing creative work (BLUEBIRDLAB), the weekend is mostly devoted to finishing the work I started, or realizing a new idea that I couldn't find time for during the week.

Photography: Juste Boreikaite @springjuste