Kamila Skrzypulec freelance florist based in Paris, France

How does your Sunday begin? 

Sunday usually begins with a quick run to the bakery. Pain au chocolat and ficelle (thinner version of la baguette) with salty butter and a cup of black filter coffee. Even if Sunday morning is a slow one, I still like to wake up quite early, sometimes I will read a bit (currently it's the Homecoming by Yaa Gyasi), rearrange the living room deco, check lunch recipes but most of the time I will skype... Weekend skype with my parents, sister and friends became my not so tech free weekend ritual.

I see that you really like flowers and other plant life. You probably spend a lot of time in nature. Why is this important to you? 

Oh yes! I like to spend time in nature and as often as possible we try to go outside of Paris for the weekends - usually the direction is Normandy. But also in Paris the parks and gardens are so beautiful and big that it's quite easy to disconnect. For me, a walk in a park is never boring, I will always see something new that I haven't noticed before - new flower, new color, texture or smell. Spring is coming which is a prefect time to go outside, be present and observe the nature waking up.

The perfect weekend, how do you imagine it?

The perfect weekend is to wake up in a room with a view of the sea, the radio is playing Band on the Run by Paul McCartney and the sun is shining! But then any weekend that includes good company, homemade food, fresh flowers, taking pictures and a movie night, feels quite perfect to me.

Photography: Kamila Skrzypulec @florists_daughter