Kate Chernienko lawyer and photographer based in Kiev, Ukraine

What are your Sunday mornings like? Describe your Sunday breakfast.

I am a person who likes mornings most of all and I believe that this time has some magic :) So usually I wake up at 8 am and firstly go to open the window, I like to stay there a few minutes, breathe the fresh air, observe the morning light, which draws beautiful lines on the wall, and listen to the sounds of nature.

I feel so lucky that we live in such a beautiful, calm place (I & my boyfriend Vlad livе in the countryside).

My other morning ritual is to make coffee, I'm definitely a little addicted :) If the weather is bad I prefer drinking my coffee in bed and read a book or look through some video about interior design. However if the weather outside is warm I like to spend this morning time on the terraсe in our garden.

Our Sunday breakfast is usually made by Vlad, he likes to experiment and do something new every time.

During the breakfast we are talking and try to make this day slow and relaxing.

What film do you recommend for a calm Sunday evening? 

For a calm Sunday evening I want to recommend "A single man" by Tom Ford.

In this picture I saw perfection and beauty. Perfect world. The film is entirely the embodiment of the idea of style. But, unfortunately, behind such a beautiful "facade" lies a lot of suffering and pain. I like how the director focused our attention on the most insignificant things: on the movements of lips, eyes and body… The musical accompaniment is chosen perfectly and makes our emotions more deep.

Could you share your most memorable Sunday?

It was one month ago on my birthday. We had a trip to the seaside. We didn't have any plans, only a strong desire to stay in silence and have a slow rest.

It is always interesting what the day can bring to you if you don't expect anything!

As a result it was the perfect Sunday. I remember that warm, overcast day, magnificent, dark blue color of the water and no one around. We could walk for hours, breath the fresh air, feed seagulls, take a lot of photos and then warm our hands holding cups of coffee...

Photography: Kate Chernienko @kate.chernienko