Katrine Utseth visual stylist based in Orlando, FL, US

You moved here from Norway seven years ago. How are your Sundays different between home and Orlando? 

Sundays spent in both Norway and Canada were always together with our family. We would start the day with sleeping as long as possible, then watch a movie while Niki (dad in the house) would make his famous crepes. After eating them we would go for our 'Sunday walk' (as we would call it) before visiting grandparents for dinner.

Here in Orlando we don't have any relatives, so after we have breakfast (still made by super dad) and have our coffee, we decide on what to do for the day. Since my husband works for Orlando City Soccer we go to their home games which are usually on Sundays. If they don't play at home we try to explore new places in Orlando but we have to make sure that we will be back to watch the game on TV.

What do you do when you have a little time for yourself? 

My youngest just started daycare two days a week and finally I have some time for MYSELF! Actually so far I haven't done too many things. I've just enjoyed having peace and quiet in the house. I sit down and have a nice and relaxing coffee. I'll scroll through Instagram and talk to family and friends on FaceTime without being interrupted by the kids. It feels nice! I am planning on starting a blog so we'll see if I can get that up and running! I have a dream of being motivated enough to start working out and practicing yoga. That can be my goal for 2017.

Do you have a tradition, something you can't imagine your Sunday without?

No Sundays without crepes (or pancakes as we call them).

Photography: Katrine Utseth @katrineworld