Kelli Murray illustrator and graphic designer based in Encinitas, CA, US

How do you usually spend time with your family?

Weekends are usually the only time my WHOLE family is together. My husband and I both own our businesses, so there is a lot of juggling going on during the work week. We all really look forward to Saturdays and Sundays, away from our computers and focusing on our kids. One of our favorite things to do as a family is going to the beach. We live just a couple minutes from one of our favorite spots, so we end up there a lot. We also love to actually just relax at home together too. Since most of our week is rushed and out and about, weekends are one of the only times we can savor being together at home. Playing with the kids, doing something crafty (Rylee and I love to do art together), baking, etc.

You seem to be very inspired by your children - Rylee and Cru. What was the funniest thing they did? 

I remember when my daughter was about one she loved to do yoga with me in the morning. It was the funniest sight because she was so so tiny and so so good at it!!! It always shocked me at how coordinated she was.

The perfect Sunday - what is it like?

A homemade french toast breakfast. A few hours at the beach. Mid-day naps. Cooking a yummy dinner with the kids. And just spending quality time with one another.

Photography: Kelli Murray @kelli_murray