Kyra de Vreeze naturopath and writer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands

One of your morning rituals is a cup of coffee. Do you have any other rituals that you do on a Sunday? 

Sunday itself is one big ritual. It is a day of rest, of unplanned possibilities. We make sure all of our household chores and work is done by Saturday afternoon, so Sunday can be all about lingering, taking it easy, being together as a family, spending time in stillness and doing whatever we feel like doing at that specific moment. We (normally) do not pre-plan or make dates on Sundays. Sundays are for reconnecting to ourselves, to the other family members (my husband Yoshi and toddler daughter Lou) and have the quality of spontaneous spaciousness. That said we do have our favorites. We love heading out into nature, for hours on end. We love playing records. I love to light candles. I might do some yoga, meditation and reading while the little one naps. And, at the dusk of day, my husband and I will probably discuss the week ahead. This way we are prepared for things to come, which ensures everything to run clearly and smoothly.

Food and it's preparation seems to be an integral part of your day. What about Sundays? Do you like to prepare at home more or is Sunday a special day when you eat out?

On workdays I might spend up to 10 hours in the (studio) kitchen. I prepare food, style and photograph it. I then clean and continue cooking our family dinner. So by the time the weekend arrives I am overjoyed to let someone else do the cooking for me. Haha!

On Sundays we often times have brunch or lunch out together, either at our local café or at the organic bakery in the woods. Their sourdough breads are Sundays materialized: shaped out of few simple and quality ingredients, fermented ever so slow and baked with absolute care. My husband loves to prepare dinner on Sundays, as he has little time to cook on weekdays. His specialty is a hearty vegetarian Moroccan tajine and pizza from scratch. Lou loves to roll out the dough. She loves everything about food!

I recently read your article on how to lift your mood up in this grey time of winter. What would you say is the main method to make your Sunday brighter and full of joy?

Taking it slow and heading out are crucial. Almost all of joy can be found in the mundane bits of life. When you appreciate the little things, all of a sudden life is filled with special moments, and doing the dishes might actually turn out calming or fun. To enjoy and value the ordinary we really need time and space. It cannot be done when one is in a state of haste. Sundays, to me, are a reset and a reminder to take it slow. I then bring that sense of appreciation, and the ability to slow down after acceleration, with me into the week ahead. Spending time outside is another essential mood lifter. I am at my happiest when in nature. I forget time. It helps to restore my connection to self, my surroundings and the present moment. Hiking, cycling, camping, star gazing and foraging are some of my favorite outdoor ‘activities’.

Photography: Kyra de Vreeze @kyraskitchen