Lauren Nelson interior designer based in San Anselmo, CA, US

When you hear the word Sunday, what is the first thing that pops into your mind?

Openness. We don't have any schedule or routine for Sunday. Every other day of the week is planned with school and work and kids activities, but Sunday is a blank slate. It's purposefully left wide open to whatever we are feeling at that moment, and I love the possibilities that arise from it.

It seems that one of your main weekend goals is to spend time in nature. Do you have any other ideas that you try to accomplish on weekends?

Yes, being outdoors is happiness for us. It is the main reason why we chose to live where we do (in Marin County in Northern California), for us and for our 2 young girls. We go on regular walks in the hills and mountains surrounding us, and often head out to the coast to visit the sea or the bay - Point Reyes, Tomales Bay, Bolinas, Stinson Beach. One of the reasons I fell in love with my husband is that he had the same sense of adventure and wanderlust with getting out and experiencing new places, and revisiting familiar spots. We both thrive on that spirit, and love sharing that with our daughters. Because my husband and I work full time, it's incredibly important to spend time as a family, with our daughters. That's the biggest goal to accomplish I'd say. Spending time with them while taking advantage of our beautiful surroundings naturally coincide :).

You create cozy homes where families can spend their slow Sundays. How do your family Sundays look like when you stay home?

Our Sundays at home involve slow mornings. And while that doesn't mean sleeping in, because I'm an early riser by nature, and we have young kids, it still means no rushing to get anywhere to do anything. Our daughters love the ritual of pancakes on Sunday, and we all drink tea (they've become big tea drinkers too!). We don't get out of our PJs until late morning, and then we usually take a bike ride all together in our bucket bike - it fits both girls! We often meet up with friends for an impromptu barbecue at someone’s house, so our kids can all play together and we get some catch-up time with friends too. It's an amazing community, this small town we live in called San Anselmo. All we have to do is walk to the center of town and we're bound to run into someone we know. It's like our own version of Cheers. :)

Photography: Lauren Nelson @lauren_nelson_design, Kendra Smoot @kendrasmoot (1)