Leigh Savage graphic designer based in Indianapolis, IN, US

Tell us about your Sundays, what are they like? 

We rarely schedule any firm plans on Sunday. Unless we are out of town, it’s our day to be together, unwind and attend to our thoughts. We start the morning with coffee and then head to mass downtown, followed by brunch at one of our favorite spots. Our afternoon is normally spent in one of two ways: either in quiet relaxation, putzing through menial chores or reading the Times, or actively out on a walk with our 5-month old German short-hair, Willow. Either scenario usually ends with us picking up the most mouth-watering tacos at a Mexican restaurant just down the street from us (of which we’re cult followers), and then closing out the evening with a cocktail. Or two ;)

Favorite way to spend a Sunday in the summer and winter. How similar or different are they? 

As stated, we love our Sunday brunch. The summertime makes it particularly enjoyable at pretty much any location, but our favorite in warm weather is Milktooth. Since the building is so small, the inevitable long wait outside for a table is much more agreeable with a mimosa in the dappled sunshine. I’m also a huge porch-sitter in the summer. Call me old-fashioned, but there’s no better way to spend a long Sunday afternoon in the summer than on the porch with a light breeze and a chilled glass of rose. In the winter months, we spend a lot of time indoors and cook together, maybe a quick nap. Both these seasonal shifts are my favorite in a way - days perfectly spent for the time that they are..

I noticed you have a big passion for travel. In which city (country) did you have your most memorable Sunday? Why?

While we were living in London for a stint last year, we absolutely loved adapting to the traditional “British” ways of doing things, like tea in the mornings instead of coffee - and Sunday roasts. Since we spent almost all of our weekends traveling around Europe, I think we actually only made it to one proper Sunday roast - on Easter - and it was lovely. My favorite Sunday while we were traveling was our last morning in Paris. We went to mass at the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris and then taxied straight to Holybelly for brunch. We got there right as they opened and were in the first group to be seated and proceeded to scrape our plates clean (yum!). We spent the rest of the day wandering around Canal Saint Martin and Le Marais, ending with dinner at Buvette. It was a perfect day.

Photography: Leigh Savage @savagedesignco