Lia Brouillard graphic designer based in Seattle, WA, US

Sunday mornings in Seattle in winter, what are they like?

So, this is actually going to be my first winter in Seattle, as I only moved here in August – from Boston, MA! It's a bit premature, but from what I've noticed so far/what I've been told, it's supposed to be pretty consistently grey and drizzly; but by no means as brutally frigid as Boston winters. While I easily start going stir-crazy if I don't leave the apartment at least once a day, the dreary weather certainly encourages coziness, which isn't a bad thing. After I get my daily walk in and can chill a bit, it's really lovely to curl up on the couch in a thick blanket with a book in front of the fire. And by "fire," I mean I light a candle and pull up a yule log from YouTube on the TV.

What is it that you're doing exclusively on a Sunday?

I live with my boyfriend, and Sundays give us the opportunity to actually slow down and enjoy our mornings. Monday through Friday breakfast can range from scrambled eggs to nothing, depending on how late I overslept, while rushing to get ready for work. So, the downtime of a Sunday is incredibly appreciated! We can sleep in, and actually take the time to enjoy breakfast and have a conversation, which is pretty exciting. Other than that, the average Sunday is spent exploring around some of our favorite Seattle neighborhoods, popping into the cute shops, and discovering new areas. I'm also a big fan of stealing my boyfriend's DSLR camera when we're on these trips. In terms of "exclusivity," my neighborhood, Capitol Hill's, weekly farmers market is held only on Sundays. So, that's a great opportunity to stock up on local produce that's both cheaper and fresher than what the supermarket carries – win-win!

How are your Sundays different when you’re spending them at home and when exploring local oddities and traveling?

Sundays at home are usually about catching up on everything that's been put off while working during the weekdays. Cleaning the apartment, finally doing the laundry, catching up on personal projects, and watching The Great British Bake Off. You know, life stuff. Comparatively, I'd say "exploring local oddities and traveling" is probably the summation of my perfect Sunday! Urban exploring – or whatever trendy term you prefer – is easily one of the most entertaining ways to spend a day without spending a ton of money. Also, as recent Pacific Northwest transplants, my boyfriend and I are just astounded by the beautiful, ancient nature here. So, when an opportunity presents itself we love any chance to borrow his father's car to take a day or weekend-trip. One of our favorites so far was traveling down the ruggedly beautiful Oregon coast over Labor Day weekend earlier this summer. The jagged cliffs falling into the ocean all felt really "old world" – like something out of Jurassic Park. I highly recommend the trip, if you can fit it in!

Photography: Lia Brouillard @liabrouillard, Lloyd Mallison @thatbritishgent (1)