Lois Moreno photographer and storyteller based in Lyon, France

How do Sunday mornings begin in your family? 

Unfortunately, my husband is always working on Sunday, so we can't make big plans. But we take it slow, have a big breakfast and after that we often take a walk around the flea market.

If you can devote time to yourself, what is your spare time like? 

With my friends, having a lunch together or a drink! They are super fun and I love them :)

Is Sunday a special day for Zoe, Hugo and Simon? What is it that they mostly like doing?

Weekends are a bit hard, because Dad is never with us... So I try to make my best to have some fun together, but it's not easy with 3 kids of different ages.

How do you imagine the perfect Sunday?

All together... with my husband and the kids. Just us.

Photography: Lois Moreno @loismoreno_