Lucia Pastorino consultant at an organic beauty company based in Genoa, Italy

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? 

The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is cuddle my red furry friend Bruno (the loveliest cat ever) and open all the windows. I look up at the sky and I start making breakfast.

You're living in Italy surrounded by amazing nature. What are your weekends like? 

Weekends for me are a great opportunity to shake off the rust from a long working week and to discover new places nearby, but most of all to stay in contact with nature. I think there’s something therapeutic and healing about Liguria and its beautiful landscapes.

How would you imagine the perfect Sunday?

I imagine the perfect Sunday should start early with a glorious breakfast. Never wake up late on Sunday!! In Italy we say "morning has gold in the mouth”! Never stop exploring and the best thing you can do is lose yourself in your own city.

What would you recommend to do or see when in Genoa on a Sunday?

I recommend to start the day enjoying a perfect breakfast with an Italian capuccino and a slice of focaccia (speciality of Genoa).

After that I suggest to go to Castello d'Albertis, inside you can find a "potpourri" of culture, colors and objects from the world. In the Castel there is a young Cristoforo Colombo sculpture.

I'm pretty sure that all of the colors and culture will make you hungry, so you can fight this feeling by eating a fried totani and gamberoni! The best place is Friggitoria Carega (in Genoa dialect “carega” means chair).

Now you are ready to walk and feel less culpable for everything you've eaten.

Next stop is the ancient ruins of "Santa Maria in Passione Church”. From 5th October 2014 a cultural urban park opened inside of the church. A cultural space, a place of meeting and self-education, where students, habitants and art lovers can develop their work and share it with the city.

Photography: Lucia Pastorino @luccialtrove