Maritza Lara architect and interior designer based in Mexico City, Mexico

Being an architect and interior designer, you probably spend a lot of time in the city. Would I be right by saying that on Sundays you'd like to break free into nature? 

Absolutely! I love trekking with my friends and family in places close to the city. We are very lucky to have several extinct volcanoes and mountains less than 2 hours ride, perfect for a half day hike and a picnic with amazing views and silence, Nevado de Toluca is my personal favorite. We also have the wonderful Parque de Chapultepec forest right in the heart of the City, where I love to go for bike rides or promenades. I also enjoy taking care of my plants on Sunday, I find it to be a very relaxing activity!

If you could do anything you'd like on a Sunday, what would that be? 

I really enjoy watercolor painting, something that I do often while traveling, since I have a lot of free time! So definitely making the time to go somewhere nice and paint, like Calle Francisco Sosa in Coyoacan district. If it should be something completely new I would say-learn how to bake! I love to start my day with a pain au chocolat and a coffee, it would be so much fun to learn how to do it myself and share it with friends!!

What would you recommend seeing or doing in Mexico city on a Sunday?

I would recommend starting your day with some delicious coffee and breakfast from Eno, one of our local cafés in Colonia Roma, then head to one of my favorite museums, Museo Jumex, to admire both the building and the exhibition. I would highly suggest to walk from Roma to the museum. It’s very interesting, going through several parks and tree-covered avenues, like Calle de Durango, full of architecture from 1920’s up to the present day, a wonderful mix to admire! The streets are very peaceful during Sundays so it’s a wonderful time to enjoy it!

Photography: Maritza Lara @maritzalaracaceres