Marta Vargas photographer and graphic designer in Stockholm, Sweden

Could you tell us more about the way you spend your Sundays? Do you have a tradition, something you can't imagine your Sunday without

Sunday is my favourite day of the week, so I like to wake up early and have a slow morning. I'm usually on my own, and it's a moment I cherish by creating small rituals for myself. I like to meditate right after I wake up. Sitting on the sofa, feeling the rays of sun warming up my cheeks, since these days the sunlight floods in. Then I like to get ready and go out for breakfast at the neighbourhood café. I love working and reading from cafés, I can spend hours doing so.

You dream of having your own café. Would I be wrong in saying that you spend your Sunday brunch in cafés? How is this time special for you?

Most of the times when I'm alone, you will find me in a café. I can't help it. There is something about the atmosphere of a coffee place that attracts me and makes me feel at ease. Plus I love having breakfast, so I could have it for every meal of the day.

Do you have any plans for the upcoming Sunday?

My morning will be most likely as described. Then I have a bbq planned with my friends. That's how it usually goes: mornings by myself, evenings with my beloved ones.

Photography: Marta Vargas @imartavargasGraeme Wylie @graemecwylie (1,5)