Mary Maddocks lawyer and textile artist based in London, UK

In what way is Sunday a special day for you?

My husband Raoul and I tend to be very busy during the week and we often don't get a chance to stop and catch up so Sunday is a really important day for us to spend time together and actually talk to one another! We try not to make plans so that we are free to do our own thing and use the day to relax and recharge for the following week. We usually wake up late and drink a cup of tea in bed with our two cats Bobby and Bruce (no tea for them obviously!) before making breakfast together. We'll have Indian style eggs with chilli and coriander or toast and homemade jam and banana smoothies. 

As most of our weeks are spent in the city, on Sundays we like to get out into the countryside around London and explore. We'll make a flask of hot chocolate, get our walking boots on and head off. I always take my camera as I love recording our adventures and capturing the trees, fields and hedgerows, and the ways in which they change from month to month. It's lovely to switch off from the stresses of everyday life and spend a few peaceful hours just walking and chatting - it always leaves us feeling refreshed and inspired. After winter walks I'll have a long hot bath when we get home and then we cook something comforting like a pie or stew, before doing a bit of weaving or watching Sunday night TV in front of the fire.

You seem to have an interest in plants, even in your shed you have a corner just for them. That's such a wonderful idea. Could you say this is one of the ways you spend your Sunday?

I love plants! I grew up in Wales, in the countryside, so I like having a lot of greenery around me. We are very lucky to have a small London garden which we spend a lot of time in during the summer - it gets sun all day long so we often eat all of our meals out there.

Over the last couple of years I have become much more interested in gardening and am starting to learn about different plants, and what makes them happy. I can often be found pottering in the garden on a Sunday - tending to my vegetables, doing the weeding or propagating seeds. This year, to my amazement, I managed to grow beans, courgettes, rhubarb and beetroot. There is something really relaxing about having our own little square of garden to tend to and spend time in, and our cats love it too!

The other place I can often be found on a Sunday is in my shed at the bottom of the garden, which is filled with all my craft supplies and lots of plants. We built it so that I would have a space of my own to weave, as I have recently started selling woven wall hangings inspired by natural landscapes. I make myself a coffee, put the radio on or listen to a podcast and weave to my hearts' content - the perfect way to spend a Sunday!

I noticed that you like doing picnics and camping. Tell us about your most memorable trip.

This summer we camped for a long weekend in Dorset which was amazing. We stayed on a very quiet and basic campsite in a little village near the sea. The campsite owners also run a flower farm and have a collection of resident guinea fowl and chickens that wander around the tents. On the evening we arrived the sun was starting to fall and the meadow next to the camping field was full of rows and rows of fragrant sweet peas bathed in golden evening light - it was so beautiful!

We spent the weekend taking trips to the local beaches, including the incredible Lulworth Cove where the sea is very calm and blue and, thankfully not too cold! We did lots of swimming, reading and sleeping on the beach, as well as exploring the nearby towns. In the evenings, we made a camp fire, lit the lanterns and wrapped up warm. We love cooking and eating outside when we go camping - we make simple tasty meals, and we always take a bottle of red wine with us. When it got too cold to stay outside, we retreated into our tent which is very cozy, with lots of rugs and blankets. We fell asleep to the sound of our fellow campers strumming guitars and singing folk songs nearby.

Photography: Mary Maddocks @fleaandbear