Melanie Villeneuve cookbook writer and graphic designer based in Alberta, CA

Your manifesto is so inspiring! A good cheat sheet for those who forget to slow down and enjoy life. Could you talk about its origin? Did You write it after you started to enjoy slow living or at first as a goal to how you'd like to live someday? 

I'm so glad it resonates with you. I'll admit that I refer to it, from time to time, when I need to remind myself of where I'm going, and also why I started.

The manifesto came long before The Nomadic Wife was even born. It's something that I wrote one day after a little genius came bouncing around my office. I had, for a long time, been looking for more depth in my life. I was resentful, bitter and exhausted. I was avoiding joy like the pest. It made no sense really, at the time, because I knew that it wasn't the kind of person I truly was. I knew that life as it was then, was not something I wanted to spend the remaining days of my life doing. So I started writing down what's truly important to me... and it came out in the form of a manifesto.

Years later, when I began to develop The Nomadic Wife, I wanted the business to embody all of the things I was trying to pull more of into my life. I truly believe that its title is the guiding path to everything I explore & all that I teach. "This is your life. It is simple."


What are your Sundays usually like - spontaneous or strictly planned? 

Ah, Sundays. Sundays for us are the only day we (Tom & I) get to spend quality time together. He works a 6 days schedule and I run TNW & a graphic design studio, so things easily get hectic during the week. For one day a week, however, we do what makes our hearts sing. No holds bar. No rules. Just us.

Tom usually takes over the kitchen, since I cook the rest of the week. Let me tell you, he makes the tastiest of foods, to the point where sometimes I wonder why I'm the one putting recipes online! Haha. On any given Sunday, we might go exploring new cafes that we've yet to discover, spend time at the garden in the summer or we cozy up to a movie we've been meaning to watch together. No matter what we do though, we know that it's going to be "us time". Time for us to slow down and discuss plans & adventures. Time for us to dream together.

Sundays are just the best for that.


Thank you for the reminder that writing real letters still exists today. It's a great opportunity to remember an old friend and send him a letter. What other rituals can't your Sunday do without?

I love that you brought this up. Writing real letters, on real paper is something that I was missing & longing for. So instead of doing it just for myself & writing to those I love, I've turned it into a circle of women who will connect to each other through writing. It's really a beautiful thing, and slowing down enough to put pen to paper can bring up all sorts of beautiful & gratifying emotions. I love it!

There are a few other rituals that my Sundays can't go without. A good brunch, whether it's eaten at home or out doesn't matter but it has to be accompanied by a good coffee and towards the end of the day, a good long bath. It's such a luxurious experience to me. I love adding salts & fragrant oils to it... makes me feel like a goddess.

Doesn't that sound like the perfect way to end a Sunday?

Photography: Melanie Villeneuve @thenomadicwife