Melissa Condotta herbalist & designer based in Trent Hills, Ontario, Canada

Melissa Condotta

What are your Sunday mornings like? What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Sunday mornings are slow and relaxing. Coffee is brewing and plants are being watered. With my mug in hand, I take the dogs out for a morning walk on the property, see how the gardens are coming along, and pick any herbs along the way that are ready for harvest. I spend some time sitting on the porch and just I observing and enjoying the sights and sounds of the countryside before I get started with my day.

Melissa Condotta herbalist & designer based in Trent Hills, Ontario, Canada

You were living in the city and recently moved to the countryside, how did your Sundays change because of this? What new things did you discover? Is there anything you miss from your city life?

Sunday's (and all days) changed in a big way. There's no more rushing to be somewhere. We no longer have to round up the dogs, take them in an elevator, and keep them on leash so they could do their morning business on a tiny patch of grass. It's a small thing, but seeing the dogs roam around 5 acres of land with all the freedom in the world is so wonderful.

Since moving to the countryside my life has completely changed. I thought I'd be a city girl forever, but my priorities changed and the fast paced life of Toronto no longer suited me. I promised myself to slow down and embrace simplicity. It was an easy change. I wake up everyday feeling fresh and so lucky to be here. I've discovered how many like-minded people live here; I've rediscovered nature, I found new hobbies and passions. I actually don't miss the city one bit... Ok maybe the variety of restaurants in the city is one thing I do miss. But here, community is everything. We're like a big family that supports each other and gathers together regularly. There's always something happening in the village on Sunday afternoons.

Melissa Condotta interview

What do you prefer to read or listen to on weekends?

My favourite thing would be gathering around a campfire and listening to friends play... Of course, there will be fireflies glowing and crickets singing as well :)

Photography: Melissa Condotta @melissacondotta