Melissa Lee PhD candidate neuroscientist based in New York, NY, US

What does your dream Sunday look like? 

Oh, that’s really hard. I do most of my photography on weekends. My favorite days are ones that I just spend wandering while traveling. I do this thing where I will mark every place I’m interested in seeing on Google Maps and then I set off in the direction of the most places marked. I then try not to put any pressure on myself to see all of the places I have marked—rather, I just set myself on a path of places I know are interesting and then try to discover new, interesting spots on the way. I find this really relaxing, which is exactly what a Sunday should be!

A Sunday in the city with your boyfriend, what is it like? 

I think one of the reasons we work well together is that we’re both complete homebodies! We both usually work at least one day out of the weekend, so we like to spend our free day as relaxed as possible. It’s the only day we sit down and eat breakfast together. He cooks dinner more often than I do, but I’m in charge of Sunday brunch. We then spend the rest of the day poking the cat and running errands. We’re lucky to live right next to Central Park, so sometimes we’ll walk through it on the way to the grocery store. If we’re feeling particularly adventurous, we’ll take the subway to go indoor rock climbing in Long Island City, though, admittedly, I haven’t made it out there in a while.

What are your plans for next Sunday? 

My mom is going to be in town from Tennessee, so it’s really going to be up to her! I’ll probably take her around to a few favorite spots in our neighborhood, the Upper West Side. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is just across the park from us, so maybe we’ll head over there for some sightseeing. We could very well just spend the day at home cooking, too!

Photography: Melissa Lee @mlee73