Mikaela Mannes graphic designer based in West Michigan, US

How do your slow Sundays begin?

I begin slow Sundays with making breakfast. I love cooking so I find it relaxing to make food in the morning. My favorite place to eat my breakfast is on our front porch while watching the sunrise. Enjoying good food and time with my family is a special part of my day.

Good food is an integral part of your life. Do you have a meal that is exclusive to Sundays?

Sunday morning breakfast is one of my favorite meals. It's usually either a cozy bowl of oats or a big stack of fluffy pancakes. Always topped with lots of fruit and peanut butter of course.

What are your plans for the upcoming Sunday?

My plans for this upcoming Sunday are to start my day like every Sunday - with a delicious breakfast. Then spend time with my family and head to Church later that morning. We also have lunch together after Church (our favorite is grabbing homemade bagels from a local bakery). In the afternoons, I like to make sure I find time to relax and rest up before a busy week. I like to watch my favorite Netflix show or read a good book. Sometimes I'll go for a walk with my dog, if the weather is nice. It's been only 35F, since it's winter in Michigan, so a little too chilly sometimes.

Photography: Mikaela Mannes @mikaelajoym