Miky Gherghe slow living advocate based in Bucharest, Romania

You try living slowly and inspire others to live this kind of lifestyle. What are the simple joys that you delight in, not only on Sundays but on other days of the week as well?

The slow-paced weekend mornings are the best. When we can stay in bed a little longer and spend more time making and having breakfast. Depending on the season, we either bake bread at home or ride the bikes to our favorite neighborhood bakery for warm pastries. We usually keep our Sundays free of any plans, just enjoying some quiet time at home or venturing through the local markets looking for fresh ingredients for a relaxed dinner. I also like to use the Sunday evening to prepare for the next week. It gives me a good feeling to have everything organized and ready on Monday morning.

Since I work in the aviation industry I sometimes have to work during weekends and have days off in the middle of the week. Which is great, because we get to visit our favorite museums and cafes when they are not crowded. An impromptu picnic on a Tuesday afternoon is the best description of our slow way of life!

You travelled to Vietnam recently. How did you spend your Sundays over there? Were they similar to the ones at home or were they completely different.

We loved our days in Vietnam and the fact that we stayed in a less touristy places gave us the chance to blend in and live like locals more easily. The Vietnamese go out every evening for dinner with families and friends. The restaurants are opened and crowded until late at night, and Sundays were no exception. It was difficult to walk on the streets with restaurants on a Sunday evening. But although it was a good feeling to see everyone eating out and having fun, it was very different than how we like to spend the Sundays at home. It was loud and crowded, which is exactly what everyone is trying to avoid at home, where we rather spend our Sundays quietly and see this as a way of recharging.

What can you suggest to others who want to spend their Sunday slowly and thoughtfully?

To be fully present and enjoy all the small moments, that actually aren’t small at all. From the way we make our coffees in the morning, to the usual Sunday errands, the simple acts of making lunch or gathering with friends or family, sharing a bottle of wine until the late hours of the night. The beauty of living lies in these simple moments. And it’s by being more thoughtful about them that we learn how to enjoy them to the fullest.

Photography: Miky Gherghe @___slowliving