Miriam Stimpfl content creator and photographer based in Berlin, Germany

How would you describe your Sunday?

I'd say cozy, slow and relaxed, because on Sundays I love to stay in bed longer than usual and to read for hours and cuddle with my cat, who loves these sessions as much as I do (at least that’s what I tell myself). After making pancakes for me and my boyfriend, we both really enjoy strolling around the city, while looking for the best cake or going to exhibitions or to see a movie in one of Berlin's little artsy cinemas. If the weather’s especially nice, we often take the train to one of the many lakes outside the city and spend the day at the water or walking around the countryside.

On rainy Sundays or when it’s too cold (which is basically between end of October and March), there’s mostly a Seinfeld marathon, wearing pyjamas the whole day and take-out food involved.

What is the perfect music for your Sundays?

I nearly exclusively listen to Soap&Skin these days, who is one of my all time-favorite singers, since ages. She is based in Austria and there are so many memories linked to her music, especially in winter. Other Bands I really dig at the moment are Fever Ray, Coals and Alt-J. They’re the perfect soundtrack for snowy Sundays. 

What are your plans for the upcoming holiday weekends?

Since I’m going to visit my family in Austria over the holidays, I don’t really have specific plans, at least no other than going for long, hopefully snowy, walks in nature and enjoying time with my family and old friends, which I haven’t seen in a while, while eating lots of Christmas cookies and drinking way too much wine (there’s excellent wine in Austria).

Photography: Miriam Stimpfl @thewaveshavecome