Molly Gaisford artist, actor and stylist based in London, UK

What does Sunday mean to you? Are there things you do on every Sunday? 

I need to feel as free as possible on a Sunday. I decided about two years ago to turn it into my favourite day of the week, having found it a hard day to get through for a long time. The main rule on a Sunday in our house is that there are no rules. As a result, Sundays usually involve a lot of creativity. Both my sons are musicians - my fourteen year old is passionate about guitar, and my nine year old writes and records alternative music on Logic. My husband also plays guitar, and I play piano, so sometimes there are four different sounds coming from different corners of our house! Luckily we have very lovely neighbours who seem to cope with an electric guitar blasting through an open window down the street.

Sunday mornings are my favourite now. I usually get up first and go as quietly downstairs as possible, so as not to wake anyone, and so I can have some peace! It's so sweet to be greeted by our pets, Ushi and Nancy, our cat and dog. They're always so pleased to see me and I make sure I give them proper stroking time while the coffee is brewing on the gas. It's always proper Italian espresso coffee and that first coffee on Sunday morning is an almost religious experience. In the warmer months I take it down to the bottom of our garden where we have a small deck overlooking a little river. It is so quiet, and we get a lot of wildlife there, despite being in London. Beyond the river is the local park, and so I'll watch early morning joggers and parents of young children. It really is the most magical start to the day, and we all love it when it's warm enough to make the most of it.

Sometimes we all coincide for breakfast, sometimes not, it's to each his own. My husband and I are both freelancers and so it's hard to stop working, but seeing as we both love our work for the most part we often catch up on projects that we haven't had time for in the week. I find Sunday mornings are an amazing time for creativity - it must be because when I relax that the ideas come flooding in. My youngest son loves cooking so we'll often bake together or he prefers to have free reign of the kitchen!

Sometimes we'll see friends or family, but for the most part we try and keep Sundays clear and as a creative day together, it means that we feel ready for whatever the week brings. The children don't get much time in the week to really explore ideas so they're grateful for the time.

I make quite a lot of things for the house, as does my husband, so it's also a day when we can make improvements to our home as, working from home means it gets a lot of use and we have to look at it all day!

What do you prefer to read or listen to on weekends? 

If I'm painting, I listen to one of my playlists on Spotify - I find music like Hiatus, Just Friends and Flight Facilities are brilliant to work to.

What are your plans for the upcoming Sunday?

One thing we always try and do is have an evening meal together, around 7 o'clock. We all love homemade pizza and we've perfected a gluten-free recipe so I can join in! My husband usually makes them as he's become the master of the pizza! Or it's a barbeque in the warmer months, and if we're lucky we can eat by the river as the sun goes down.

This Sunday we'll be seeing my husband's family for a delicious lunch of roast lamb as it's Easter Sunday, but usually we're at home.

Photography: Molly Gaisford @paintandhaven