Molly Madfis designer and blogger based in Los Angeles, US

Who in your family thinks of the different ideas for a Sunday? What was the most unexpected thing you did?

Usually I'm the one who makes the plans for the family - we usually spend most Sundays at home relaxing, but also try to see the grandparents most weekends. Sometimes we'll see my mom for breakfast and my in-laws for dinners on Sundays. We usually stay pretty close to home but sometimes will trek all the way out to the beach and we're always so happy when we do!

What are your favorite places in LA, US? What would you recommend to visit on a Sunday afternoon?

My favorite places for a Sunday afternoon in LA would be:
- Olvera Street, its a historic mexican marketplace downtown and super fun
- Little Tokyo, I love this little slice of Japan for food and culture
- Echo Park Lake, they have pedal boats and is such a nice place for a stroll
- The Studio City Farmers Market
- Pasadena City College Flea Market is very small and easy compared to rose bowl!
- Zuma Beach in Malibu is usually pretty low-key and easy to park which is so important on a Sunday!

What does your dream Sunday look like?

We spend a lot of time at home on the weekends relaxing! Our son Arlo sleeps in so we get the morning to ourselves to drink coffee and watch something on TV! Go out to meet my mom for breakfast and stop by the farmers market to get some stuff to cook for the week - Arlo takes a long nap so we can finish the movie we probably started that morning, and then we bake something together when he wakes up. Cook something cozy for dinner like mussels or a roast chicken!

Photography: Molly Madfis @almostmakesperfect, Marisa Vitale @marisavitalephoto (1), Elza @elzaphotographie (3)