Monica Grue Steffensen photographer and journalist based in Copenhagen, DK

Which part of Sunday do you like best? The moment you open your eyes, the morning coffee, the afternoon walks or something else? Let us know in more detail.

My Sunday mornings are hard for me not to romanticize, because they're one of the simple things in life that I enjoy the most. I love the early mornings; waking up super early and having the first hours of the day all to myself. I relish the solitude in silence with a cup of coffee, a book or a morning walk, complete with the tunes of Chet Baker or Oscar Peterson playing in the background. It’s the perfect way to mentally recharge. When I don’t go to a coffee shop for my Sunday morning coffee I make it at home on my AeroPress or Hario V60, and I try to always have good beans in the house (recently Belleville Brûlerie and Prolog).

I generally wake up early – not just on Sundays. For some reason it’s just incredibly rewarding getting up when I know that most people are still asleep. By the time the city awakes I’ve already had breakfast, finished an article, answered several emails and/or edited a bunch of photos. I’m very productive in the morning; very inspired to get work done. The weekend mornings come in handy, too, because I’m busy with my graphic design studies during the week, so on weekends I can focus on work.

Then I get other stuff done throughout the rest of my Sunday: work out, do laundry, write my blog, meet friends for coffee or just relax with a good book, a couple of episodes of my favourite TV shows (currently Master of None and Stranger Things) or a good film. I like to just let the day unfold and do what I feel like – bake, go for a long walk, visit my mom in the countryside..

As a coffee enthusiast you probably tried all of Copenhagen's cafes. Which ones would you recommend visiting for a Sunday brunch?

Denmark ranks among the top ten coffee drinking nations, and Copenhagen is definitely seeing strong growth on its specialty coffee scene. The Coffee Collective is one of my favourite coffee shops in the city, sourcing all their coffee directly and being a strong advocate of sustainable trade within the coffee industry. All their coffee shops are different, atmosphere-wise, and I’m so excited that they finally opened a cosy shop closer to my apartment. Democratic Coffee is another favourite of mine, but unfortunately it’s closed on Sundays. Finally, there’s Café Det Vide Hus, where I go a lot. For a Sunday brunch I quite like Wulf & Konstali on Lergravsvej.

Travels take a large portion of your life. In which country was your Sunday the most memorable? Please share with us how you spent it.

There have been a couple of particularly memorable ones: early morning run in the Faroe Islands, Sunday hike in the Icelandic countryside, strolling around the West Village (New York) in spring, going for an early morning swim on Madeira…

When I travel to cities, I always make time for my Sunday morning rituals. I look up a coffee shop, take the time to go there with my MacBook or just a book, have a cup of coffee or two: in Viennese coffeehouses, surrounded by older men with their newspapers, in Paris cafés or specialty coffee shops, with jazzy tunes from the likes of Billie Holiday and John Coltrane playing through the speakers. It’s one of the best – or at least cosiest – things in life, if you ask me. I used to live in Paris, and that was probably where I enjoyed my early Sunday mornings the most: when the Parisians were still in bed, and the only people I was sharing the streets with were garbage men, street sweepers and walk-of-shamers. I had an apartment in the city centre at one point, and I would sometimes pass by Notre Dame on Sunday mornings just to see and cherish it in all its glory, without the crowds and cameras and noise. It is an underestimated privilege to get to wander the streets of – probably – the most beautiful city in the world, and have all the old, iconic monuments and picturesque surroundings to yourself.

Photography: Monica Grue Steffensen @monicagsJonas Stage @jtstage (4)