Nana Hagel writer and photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Is Sunday breakfast different from other days? What do you usually prepare on Sundays?

Sunday breakfasts are definitely different from the ones during the week. On weekdays, I mostly eat my oatmeal with milk and fresh fruit, or yoghurt with granola and a cup of herbal tea to go with it. If I’m working from home, I will usually have a little snack about an hour after my breakfast. I am a second breakfast kind of person. On Sundays, my boyfriend and I will prepare a brunch rather than a breakfast. We have a favorite that we pretty much always do: fried eggs with fried tomatoes, champignons and kale, bread rolls with cheese, freshly squeezed juice, from whatever fruit and vegetable we have in the fridge, and a cup of coffee. Sometimes a piece of pastry to go with it, then I’m all set (and then some!).

In one of your interviews I read that photos for you are a way to remember and appreciate moments. Is photography something that you can't live without, even on Sundays?

For as long as I’ve had a camera phone, taking pictures has indeed been a way for me to remember and appreciate all kinds of moments in life. I’m a visual person, and I think I have a bit of a photographic memory: if I see a photo on my phone taken years ago, I start to remember that entire day; who I was with, how I felt at the time and what we were doing before and after the photo was taken. However, since photography is now a big part of my job, I also try to leave my ‘photo eyes’ at home once in a while — especially on Sundays! So I guess the answer to your question is that I can’t live or work without photography, but I am trying to get better at doing so.

Name a country that you'd like to spend your Sunday in?

I travel quite a lot for work, and my boyfriend does too, so waking up on Sundays at home here in Copenhagen together is pretty great. Especially if we don’t have anything planned during the day; though this scenario is the exception to the rule. I’m not complaining though; as much as I enjoy spending quiet time at home, I also enjoy being on the move, and I am deeply grateful that traveling is such a big part of my job.

Photography: Nana Hagel @nana_ha