Natalia Knopek yoga teacher based in Warsaw, Poland

Tell us about your Sundays, what are they like?

I work from home, I’m self-employed, therefore I have to create my own routine. I have no boss, which from one point of view is very positive, because I can manage all by myself. But from the other – my job is not 9-5 Monday till Friday.

At the very beginning I had a problem with it, I was working during the weekend, but then I realized that it’s only me who can say „OK, you’ve done enough, now go and enjoy your weekend!”.

As a result, I’m trying to spend my Sunday with no work at all. The only thing I do is posting photos on Instagram, but it’s more pleasure than work actually. Depending on mood and weather: I like to take a walk with my husband, we have a slow breakfast, sometimes I’m baking bread in the very early morning.

Very often during the weekend we are traveling, so then we are trying to have a good time wherever we are.

If you could do anything you'd like on a Sunday, what would that be?

I’m trying to create my life as I want it to be. So mostly when I want do something, I just do it. Or at least – I try and I do my best.

But if I could do anything I want, maybe I would choose some exotic trip like Costa Rica or Hawaii. Yep, I know it makes no sense to go there just for one Sunday, but there’s nothing wrong in dreaming ;)

What are your plans for the upcoming Sunday?

This whole weekend we are spending at home. Finally. I'm very glad about it. The last few weeks we were either traveling or leading yoga workshops.

This Saturday our neighbors are coming to visit us. Therefore I'm going to prepare an amazing pear pie with peanut butter. No sugar, so kind of healthy, but very, very tasty!

Sunday is for total rest. Probably we will go to eat something, and hopefully we'll make a very long walk. For the last few days the weather is amazing, better than during summer. Fingers crossed for the same sun and temperature during the weekend.

I really love autumn, hope you feel the same :)

Photography: Natalia Knopek