Nessa Buonomo author of three books and stylist based in Lyon, France

How does your family usually spend their Sundays? You seem to spend a lot of time with your daughter, what does she like to do on Sundays? 

As my husband and I are both entrepreneurs and that most of our time is dedicated to work during the week, we've decided to spend as much time as possible with our almost six years old daughter Garance on weekends. On Sundays, we usually go to an amazing flea market which is close to our home and enjoy an early morning walk there between old furniture and lovely finds. And Garance loves to go there because she knows she can eat sausage, even if she already had breakfast two hours before. And then we go back home, share a meal together, and spend the afternoon between games, books, or long walks in Lyon when the sun is out. What she loves the most: a bike ride in the botanical garden.

Do you have a Sunday breakfast tradition? You have already published three books like the last one “Tables fleuries”, you probably can't imagine your breakfast table without flowers? 

You mean, beside the sausage at 10 am? No we don't have a real Sunday breakfast tradition, but Garance and her father always bake a cake on Sunday afternoon and try a new recipe each week. And we're sharing it around a "goûter" and some old movies with her. And yes there's always a bouquet on the table. I find a home so much more inviting and welcoming with some flowers. A bunch of flowers or some wild foliage always enlightens a day.

You live between two cities. Where do you cherish your Sundays more, in Paris or Lyon?

We used to live in Paris for 10 years, and Garance was born there. We moved to Lyon about two years ago. I now go to Paris for work a few times a month, and really manage to enjoy the city, the noise, the crowd, the rhythm and the amazing vibes of the city. And, as I'm alone most of the time when I go there, leaving my husband and daughter in Lyon for a few days, I enjoy this time in Paris with my friends, spending it to discover new places, trying new restaurants. I love this beautiful energy and the constant renewal of it. My life in Lyon is more calm, and more family centered. That's what I love the most, spending such different time between those two cities.

Photography: Nessa Buonomo @nessabuonomo