Ninelle Mikula tapestry maker based in Chicago, IL, US


Is Sunday a special day for you? How does it differ from other days of the week?

Sunday is the first day of our weekend and also sabbath, a day of rest for us. We attend service in the morning and then enjoy spending the rest of the day with friends or just the two of us either in the city or lounging at home.

Describe your Sunday breakfast. Do you remember a meal that really stood out for you?

Most often you can find us in a little patisserie called Sugar Fixe for our Sunday breakfast. It's turned into quite a tradition right after we got married that we make a stop here, on our way to church, for the most delicious ham & gruyere croissants in the city. We especially enjoy that the baristas know our usual.

Could you share your most memorable Sunday?

We both would have to say that our most memorable Sunday would have to be our last full day in Paris this spring. We woke up early and made our way to Stohrer Bakery to have the "puits d'amours" which translates to - wells of love. After walking a block or so and finishing the last bites we both glance at each other, turn around and head back for more. Paris was an incredible experience for us and we simply cannot wait to go back one day.

Photography: Ninelle Mikula @ninelle