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Is there something you can't imagine your slow Sundays without?

My Sundays are such a mix of things these days. Sunday is often my only day off in the week so I always end up doing laundry and cleaning my house. Sometimes I feel like Sunday can be a bit of a juggling act, trying to savour the weekend whilst also getting ready for the week ahead. It can so easily become catch-up day. But there are two things that I do on a Sunday to help me slow down and be mindful. Firstly, we always have a lovely breakfast, sometimes Nik bakes raspberry muffins or I make scones or we go all out and have pancakes with cream and berries. Of course, we accompany it all with really good fresh coffee in beautiful hand made ceramic cups. The second thing I do on a Sunday is go to church, for me it's the perfect end and beginning to my week, I catch up with friends, laugh, sing and always come away feeling full and ready for the week ahead no matter how hectic it is going to be.

You're a passionate traveler. What are your Sundays like when you're away? 

When I travel for long periods of time the days of the week often roll into one. If you've ever spent days and days on hot sweaty buses you'll know what it feels like to forget what day of the week it is. So, my Sunday ritual doesn't always come with me in my backpack. Still I try to take the concept of slow easy Sundays with me for the whole trip. When I'm traveling I carve out time to rest and just sit in your hotel room and read for hours on end. Time to not feel pressured to see, do or find more. It's often when I've got nothing planned for the day that I'll stumble upon the most unique spots in a new town. So when I'm traveling I don't always practice my Sunday ritual on Sunday but the feeling is always there with me!

Tell me about your most memorable, joyful Sunday.

I generally have a terrible memory for specifics. I remember feelings and vague details of days in the past. I have one distinct memory of a wonderful Sunday that sticks out today. I traveled to Paris with my big sister to visit my best friend some years ago. We were there for a long weekend and on Sunday we went for a stroll around the market. Picking out the most wonderful fresh vegetables and ingredients for a delicious lunch of couscous and roast veggies. We cooked together and ate our feast sitting on the floor of my friend's beautiful classic Parisian apartment.

This memory encapsulates my perfect slow Sunday so well. Surrounded by family, friends and great food in a place that feels like home.

Photography: Nonki Skeef @nonkiskeef, Nikolai Boyce @nikolaiboyce (1,3), John Morin @thewanderlustpilgrim (2), Caitie Curwell @caitiegc (8)