Ola O Smit photographer based in London, United Kingdom

As a photographer you're spending most of your time outside so each day differs from the other. How are your Sundays different?

My Sundays during the winter start a bit later than week days. I love staying in bed and reading a book or magazine while having my lemon water before getting up and making brunch for my husband and me (he loves sleeping so he really loves our lazy Sundays). I start with grinding the coffee, there is only one thing that smells better than freshly ground coffee - freshly cut grass :)

I love slow Sundays, so dark wintery days are perfect for pyjama days with lots of movies, reading, sleeping and cuddling my big ginger cat who is a cuddle junky :)

Summery Sundays are much different. More active but still quite slow. The morning coffee ritual is a must. I usually go to morning yoga under the tree in my favourite Victoria Park. My husband picks me up and we go for breakfast. Sometimes we take a blanket and lots of books, magazines and snacks and spend the whole day lying under the tree. Or we go for a long walk by the canal and afternoon coffee in one of my favourite places - Tow Path Cafe.

People that are close to you seem to take on an important place in your life. How often do you plan Sundays with them?

I love people and my friends are very important to me. They are my family here in London. We all live in East London, we call it our East London bubble so we don’t really have to plan spending Sundays together, they sometimes just happen. I love that. The last minute spontaneous meet ups, bumping into each other or just popping in for a quick coffee that usually ends up being whole days of chats, laughs and cuddles.

You're saying that a morning walk is one of the best ways to start the day. What "hidden treasures" can you find in the mornings in London?

Mornings in the summer are the best. I usually go for a walk to Victoria park. Most people are still asleep and the park is so quiet. I usually take some nuts with me and feed the squirrels or just sit on the bench and drink my coffee while observing the animals or people passing by. They are my hidden treasures. I allow myself to focus on them and escape my busy daily life. Slow start to the day.

Photography: Ola O Smit @olaosmitMichael Thomas Jones @michaelthomasjones (1)