Rebecca Fletcher freelance writer based in Northington Down, Hampshire, UK

Sundays are meant for switching off and spending time with your loved ones. What other things accompany your Sundays that you really enjoy?

Sundays for me are all about slowing down and savouring the quiet moments. Taking a cup of tea back to the warm folds of the duvet to sip whilst reading a new book or the latest issue of Slightly Foxed, cooking for a long family lunch, snuggling up in front of the fire to watch a film with our girls on rainy days, scribbling at the writing desk or pottering in the garden. There's always music on in the kitchen and something cooking in the slow oven. Moving to a derelict farmhouse last year there has been so much to get done to make the house habitable for the four of us, that now we try and make Sundays all about time spent together. It's the only time when we are not dashing about and have time to just 'be' as a family.

When you moved probably the pace of your life changed as well. What new Sunday adventures are you having once you moved to the countryside?

Since moving to the countryside, the biggest change for us has been time spent outdoors. Country life makes you notice the shift in seasons much more and relish the ephemeral beauty of nature's offerings in the surrounding landscape. Sundays in winter are all about wrapping up and exploring frosty scenes before rushing in to the warmth of our kitchen range and the joys of afternoon tea. In the autumn we weave our way through an ancient line of beech trees collecting leaves and treasures to bring inside or huddle around a bonfire in the garden. Springtime brings the promise of the garden waking from its long hibernation and I adore watching it take shape as our little girls chase the blossom confetti across the grass. Perhaps my favourite Sundays though are those in summer when we picnic in our lovingly restored lavender field, rugs laid out in between the rows drinking in the heady soporific scent from its purple spires before we harvest the field for another year.

What are your plans for the upcoming Sunday?

I love taking a cup of coffee round the garden on summer mornings before facing the day. However, every morning starts with feeding our ducks and hens and collecting the eggs whatever the weather. Thankfully we don't have any neighbours close by as I often go out to them with pyjamas tucked into wellies! Sundays in spring and summer see us often spending whole days in the garden. With four acres, there is often a lot to do and we are currently prepping our newly made kitchen and cutting gardens ready for growing plenty of vegetables, fruit and flowers to see us well into the autumn. Being in the garden is my natural happy place when I am not at my desk writing but it is fair to say that no Sunday adventure would be complete without a walk with our spaniels Monty and Dora.

Photography: Rebecca Fletcher @margotgoodlife