Renata Bueno Gelfi fashion photographer based in Chicago, IL, US

Renata Bueno Gelfi

It looks like your family is having a great time, could you share some stories from the most memorable weekend you had?

Weekends are always so much fun! I think it's really important for the kids and for the family to have a day to stay together.

I'm sure that the day they will never forget was the day we sold lemonade in front of our house. I put our lemonade stand up. We had 2 chicks that were spending two weeks with us, so we were outside selling lemonade, cookies, cupcakes, and chicks to pet. The girls had a blast! There were lots of kids all over our front yard.

That was a really happy day and the kids were asking to do it again over and over on the following weekends.

Another great memory was the day we went canoeing. I was in the front of the seat taking pictures. Gaby was pointing to everything she was seeing, such as birds, deer and butterflies.

Kids love to be surrounded by nature. Carolina and Manuela were singing the whole time and Dad was the only one rowing, and our crazy crew was really loud and happy.

I feel that I'm living the best days of my life. I see so much light in our family that brings me so much joy. I see beauty in the little moments, in their smile, the ice cream melting in their hands, the things they say, the way they move, their voices, the way they play, their crazy laughs, it's all so magical to me that I don't even know how to describe.

Renata Bueno Gelfi

Tell me a bit more what weekends mean for your family, do you have any Sunday traditions? 

Our Sundays are usually very relaxing. Sunday is the only day that we can slow down and take our time since the kids don't have any activities and I keep this really sacred.

I'm a big fan of staying inside my bed as much as I can, to take off my pjs and just go out for lunch. I usually incentivize the kids to do the same. As soon as the girls wake up they usually run to my bedroom. I love morning snuggles.

There is nothing I like more than staying in my bed, just kissing, talking and loving them. This is a very precious moment for me.

When the kids leave my bedroom, we usually go straight to the kitchen for breakfast. Sundays usually are the best breakfast days since we are not rushing and we can enjoy pancakes, eggs, croissants, jelly, fresh squeezed orange juice, yogurt, cereal and fruits. After that I usually go to my office and I can take some time going through my week's pictures since the kids are having fun playing dress up, mommy and daughter, going through books, and more. My husband usually goes running early and gets back to join us for late breakfast.

By noon, sometimes even later, we get ready for lunch. We usually pick a new restaurant or a fun day trip.

We moved to Chicago 2 years ago and the area is still really new to us so on Sundays we love to go out and explore. Our afternoons after lunch always change a little bit.

Some of our favorite activities are day trips, going to the beach, doing picnics, riding bikes, going to the park, canoeing, going to the Botanic Garden, hiking and more.

Renata Bueno Gelfi

You have three wonderful daughters, what does Sunday mean to them?

It means that it's our family day. The day that we slow down and stay in our pjs for very long. The day that they don't have school, Dad is with us and we are going to do something fun.

I tried to ask what Sunday means to them but this is still a tough question, because of their ages, so I asked what is their favorite thing about Sundays. Here are their answers:

Carolina (7 years old) said: "I love going out for ice cream with my mom and dad."

Manuela (5 years old) said: "I love scootering to the park."

Gabriela (3 years old) said: "I love to eat chocolate."

Photography: Renata Bueno Gelfi @thegelfis