Samantha Wong stylist & social media content creator based in Hong Kong

Smantha Wong

What is special about Sundays for you? What can you not imagine a Sunday without?

As a freelancer whose schedule is rather flexible, Sundays are less about rest than it is about the ritual of coming together. Usually that entails going and helping out at church in the morning and then lunches that linger into mid afternoon coffees. Evenings are either spent with family, a few friends or simply by myself at home.

Samantha Wong

When you travel, what do your Sundays look like then?

Very sporadic and dependent on the landscape of our destination. If it's a city, we're usually tackling all the exclusive brunch menus at various cafes. But if it's a resort getaway, you can find us by the beach or pool until dinner time.

Tell us about your most memorable Sunday.

I don't have a particular Sunday of great significance. The Sundays I love the best are the ones where no one has an agenda armed with only the question: 'where to next?' Once we found ourselves at a bookshop cafe on Lamma Island yet another time ordering Thai takeout which we had at my friend's place.

Samantha Wong

What are your plans for the upcoming Sunday?

Church in the morning and brunch with a girlfriend who has been traveling for a while and we're in desperate need of a catch up. In the evening we're gathering at a friend's home for a clam bake and burger BBQ. I'm particularly excited for the burgers because BBQs are rare in this city and a friend will be making the patties from scratch.

Photography: Samantha Wong @samishome