Sasha Swerdloff ayurvedic consultant and food blogger based in Seattle, WA, US

Your recipes are so inspiring! What is your Sunday breakfast like?

Most days of the week, Sunday included, I start the day with an almond milk matcha latte. Making my morning matcha is a ritual that I savor, especially on the weekends when I can slow down and be fully present to take in the rhythm of the whisk, the vibrant green, and the luxurious foam. For breakfast I usually make oats with ghee, coconut oil, cardamom, ginger, maple syrup and almond butter or quinoa, greens and a soft boiled egg. Sometimes, when I want something a little more indulgent, I make super crispy hash browns, baked eggs, or waffles.

What motivates you when it comes to your Sunday activities choices?

Sundays for me are all about spending quality time with my husband. During the week, things can get hectic and our time together is often dominated by mundane tasks around the house. Sundays give us a chance to slow down, enjoy each other's company uninterrupted by work or chores, and recommit to loving each other fully.

Do you have a tradition, something you can't imagine your relaxing Sunday without?

We love to spend our Sunday mornings in bed, sipping green tea, snuggling with our pups, and reading the newspaper. Eventually we get up, do yoga together, then walk to the farmer's market to stock up on produce for the week. These leisurely mornings and long walks together are something I look forward to all week.

Photography: Sasha Swerdloff @sasha.swerdloffRenee Byrd @willfrolicforfood (1)