Satsuki Shibuya artist, poet, and spiritual thinker based in Los Angeles, CA, US

Your most special moment on a Sunday.

At home, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when the sun’s peak has passed, cool ocean breezes coming through the window. Birds playing in the fountain, chirping with delight. The flapping of wings. Enveloped by the senses, lying on the sofa, with book in hand, gently allowing the sun’s rays to warm the space, slowly, falling asleep to the lullaby of spring.

If speaking strictly in colors, how would your Sunday look like?

A very faint yellow, sky blue with hints of peachy-pink.

It seems that one of your biggest joys in life is being with other people and sharing honest stories with them. Is this something no Sunday can be without?

I love connecting deeply with others, especially spirit-to-spirit, but Sundays are usually reserved for quiet moments, basking in the sweetness, admiring and appreciating life through the eyes of nature and from within.

Photography: Satsuki Shibuya @satsukishibuya, Carmen Chan @carmenchan (3)