Sophie Erin Evans artist and arts marketer based in Bath, UK

Tell us about your Sundays, are there things you do on this specific day?

I tend to enjoy the freedom of spontaneity over the comfort of routine, but I do have two favourite kinds of Sundays, and they are both about slowing down and enjoying my environment.

One is setting out on an unplanned adventure. My husband is both a landscape photographer and works in theatre, so my Sundays tend to be swayed by his ever changing schedule. If he’s not working he’s often itching to take a little trip and whizz off to explore somewhere with camera in hand. This suits me wonderfully, chatting endlessly or listening to podcasts on the journey, and arriving somewhere beautiful. I’ll usually take my camera too and whilst I’m noticing the tiny details of nature he’s awed by the big picture. We often find ourselves by the sea out of season - so calm and relaxed and we’ll stay to catch the sunset.

The other Sundays I cherish are time at home. Whether it is grey outside and I feel cosy indoors, or I’m simply enjoying the sun shining in through our kitchen skylights. Before I settle into something calm, I tend to enjoy a burst of energy - and the best Sundays start with a tidy home and vegan pancakes with maple syrup. I’ll often then do some drawing. I have the most beautiful sage green bureau desk but it’s slightly neglected in favour of the better light of the kitchen table. Instead the bureau has become a treasure trove crammed full of stray items yet to find homes - from pebbles and feathers to pages of writings and drawings. If I want to create but I’m stuck for inspiration I’ll collect items from out of my bureau and around the house - from natural finds I’ve brought home like pine cones or leaves, to favourite objects, different textures or even past drawings to spark some ideas. I like to lay out a curated mixture of things like a visual moodboard on the backdrop of our antique table. It’s worn with marks and like an island full of history in the centre of a very modern space. If I’m not drawing, I’ll be looking at beautiful images online, making a roast dinner, reading, or writing another chapter to a fiction book I dream of one day publishing. But without a doubt I’ll be drinking a ridiculous amount of tea.

What I love about the ‘Sunday at home’ feeling when you really honour it, is allowing yourself that time to pick up the coffee table books and magazines you haven’t had time for during the week. I focus so much on making all my time meaningful and productive, I feel it is only within the last year that I am really practicing ‘restful’ time as something important for me too and I am really enjoying it.

You seem to have an interest in plants and all the greenery, and this is reflected in your works. Would you say that the best weekends are spent in nature?

Yes, I think it is so good for us - for me it does inspire my work, but I think it also helps me feel refreshed, physically and mentally. I grew up surrounded by woods, fields and trees in Mid Wales so I feel much more at home in nature than a busy city - something the small city of Bath balances quite nicely. I also bring nature in to my home, trying to grow (and remember to water) my house plants and I’ve also really fallen in love with dried flowers and grasses. 

Tell us about your most memorable Sunday.

I think I enjoy that Sundays can be simple, not loud and exceptional, but pleasingly quiet and ordinary. That being said, a Sunday which does stick in my mind is the last day of my hen weekend last year. I was wearing a flower crown and a yellow dress, unaware of what the day would hold and my female friends and family whisked me off for a ceramic workshop where I created dishes imprinted with plants that I now treasure. It was a Sunday full of creativity, laughter, loved ones and cake.

Photography: Sophie Erin Evans @sophieerin___, Lloyd Evan@lloydevansphoto