Stine Dolva-Vivell children's accessories creator based in Munich, Germany

What does Sunday mean to you

On one side, I think Sunday is the best day of the week. We try to keep it calm and peaceful, with as less stress as possible. The week is often going so fast, and everything is really scheduled. Therefore my favorite Sundays are the ones with not too many plans. My husband is often using the chance to get up early, around five, to have a little morning surf session in the river Isar in 'Englisher Garten'. Our boys wake up early too, around six, so none of us really have the chance to sleep in. But that is totally okay, because when he comes home again we either have fresh bread and croissants with him, or he makes the very best pancakes. Together with the boys, which means a big mess. But it is lovely and just the way it should be. What we do the rest of the day depends on the season and weather. Bike to the botanical garden, go swimming, or check out a new pizzeria. Hopefully we bring the boys early to bed so we can manage to watch a movie. 

But Sundays can just as well be a working day here. I am home with the kids now, but normally I'm working in healthcare. My husband too. That is sometimes annoying, but when you have to work in the weekends now and then you enjoy the free ones even more!

You devote most of your time to the little ones. When you have time for yourself, what do you find pleasure in doing

When you have small kids, the time (or energy..) is not always there to do everything you want to. At least not for me. So I think it's important to lower your expectations. For example, I love to knit. But it is very rare that I have the possibility to sit down and just knit for a long time. But a few minutes now and then is also fine! Often I try to do it when my little one is napping, combined with listening to an audiobook. 

Another thing that I love to do is bikram yoga. I recently discovered it, and I am really hooked. It is such a challenge, both physically and mentally. Every lesson gives me so much. If I manage 1 - 2 times a week I'm very happy (and my husband is doing a great job pushing me to go, as I often feel too tired in the evenings. I guess he knows that he gets sort of a 'new' wife back, haha).

How are your Sundays different when you’re spending them at home and when traveling?

A Sunday spent at home is often very cozy and following the sleeping routines of the little ones. When we travel, we let them sleep on the go and keep them longer up at night to go out for dinner. That works quite good, and they are so happy about it. The only problem is that they never ever sleep longer the next morning, even if they go to bed late. I don't get it. But at least we are not sleeping our holidays away.

Photography: Stine Dolva @stinedolva