Tara Hurst creative director based in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

The best way to start a Sunday according to Tara? 

On Sundays I love to get up early and have a quiet morning at home. In the summer, I like to make a pot of strong coffee and water the garden. It’s also the day of the week that I have brunch with my best friend Jessica. After 8 years of friendship, even when life gets busy, we always make time for Sunday brunch together.

What makes a Sunday special? Are there things that you, Michael and Zadie do on this specific day? 

I will always associate Sundays with the British tradition of a family roast dinner. Growing up, our family had a big Sunday dinner together and it’s something that I now make time for every week. I love to cook and spend Sunday afternoons in my kitchen. We’ll often go for a bike ride as well or take our chocolate lab Zadie to the beach near our house.

Maybe you remember where and how you spent your most memorable Sunday?

My most memorable Sunday is a day that I will never forget. I was visiting London on my birthday and spent the entire day at the Columbia Road Flower Market. It couldn’t have been more serendipitous that my birthday fell on a Sunday that year and that I could be there for the Sunday flower market. I love flowers. It was one of my best birthdays. Even though I was travelling alone, I had the most lovely day.

Photography: Tara Hurst @tarahurstdesign, Kelly Brown @kellybrownphoto (1,6,8,9)