Tina Sosna illustrator and photographer based in Jena, Germany

Do you have a Sunday ritual? What is it that you do mostly together with Florian?

I always try to take it slow on Sundays. Usually I start really early into the morning, but on Sundays it’s okay to turn around once more, or to look at the clouds and the cherry tree while I’m still warm under my blanket. I want to enjoy every free moment as much as I can and take my time for everything. We love cooking delicious meals or baking a cake together. On some Sundays we go for longer walks. We pick a place we haven’t been to for a while, take our basket with some treats and go on a little adventure. Others are for staying inside and doing nothing for once. Enjoying a good movie, spending time in our garden or working on creative projects together.

I support your idea that "finding the beauty in our everyday life". How do small moments influence your daily life?

I would say they influence me a lot every day. In this world I can easily feel overwhelmed and admiring these small things in life can help me to concentrate on what really counts. It makes daily life special even if nothing super exciting happened. They somehow make me to the person I am and inspire my work both as a photographer and illustrator. My eyes are always open, wherever I go.

I see that music inspires you. Is there a song that mirrors your Sundays?

Both my partner and I are very into music and since he is also a musician I couldn’t imagine a better sound to my Sunday than listening to him composing a song. Otherwise I would decide for Sigur Rós - Varðeldur.

Photography: Tina Sosna @tinasosna