Ulrika Nihlen photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden

How does your family begin their Sundays? Is there something you can't imagine your Sunday without? 

Right now it is mostly sleepless nights because of the baby waking up early. However on Sundays, my fiancé takes her downstairs to our old little house and brings her porridge, so I can sleep a bit longer.

Always always, on every Saturday and Sunday, my fiancé and the kids go to our local bakery to buy bread and some cardamom buns while I am making coffee and juice. Yes, the breakfast right now with two small kiddos are not too calm, but I love them so much! (I've always loved big breakfast and always felt that I will have them even if they don't last for hours nowadays).

Sundays usually mean hanging in our local park with other families living close or me and Bill painting something. We love to craft or do something creative...

If you could photograph your Sunday in one photo, what would you show in it? And what would it symbolize?

Probably if I would take a pic describing our Sunday it would be of my mans pancakes! If you are lucky he makes pancakes with ice cream instead of dinner on Sundays :)

What would you say is the ideal book for a Sunday?

Right now it is never time for book reading on Sundays, but I just got Knausgårds book "Om vintern" which is a book with short stories about different things and beautiful pictures as well. Love to read novels and short stories when the time is tight.

You're living in the heart of Sweden. Which location would you recommend to visit on a Sunday afternoon in Stockholm?

We live in Stockholm, but I am from the most southern part of Sweden in the countryside. And on Sundays I will actually recommend to go outside town, slow down and enjoy nature. I Love to visit the museum Artipelag which is located beautifully and has a great restaurant.

Photography: Ulrika Nihlen @billie_and_i