Yolanda Aranda interior designer and art director based in Barcelona, Spain

You live in sunny Barcelona. Can you tell me more about your Sundays? Do you spend more time indoors (at home, in galleries etc.) or outdoors? 

The truth is that I have the luck to live in a beautiful city, surrounded by sea and mountains, which favors a Mediterranean climate that makes people very active and makes them live outdoors.

A year ago I moved to a flat in one of the most frequented neighborhoods of the city: Gracia. This neighborhood has a lot of squares where people gather to take some little things and are busy at all hours. You have the feeling of being in a village, inside a big city.

I chose the flat (which I call my nest) because it has two balconies from where the city is visible until it reaches the sea, there’s no tall buildings that cover my view, and I fell in love with it from the first second I saw it. I start my day with vitality on Sundays while having breakfast on that balcony. And for almost a year now, when time allows, my peculiar watchtower is the starting point of my Sundays.

Between coffee and toast, Pablo and I always decide how we are going to spend that day. I am a more forward-thinking person, but with him I am learning to live the moment and let myself go. Perhaps on sunny days the plan that we most fancy for our Mediterranean spirit, is to leave the city, take our little car and retire to photograph spaces. Another more recurring option is to walk around the neighborhood until you find a terrace suitable for enjoying a vermouth in the sun, talking and laughing away from the worries of the week.

I have to say, that perhaps I am the most homely of the two, and very at peace too, staying in my nest and enjoying the precious light that sneaks into this home.

Are there things which you together with Pablo do on Sundays only? 

We don’t usually have one thing that we only do on Sundays exclusively. But right near the nest, there’s a place where they prepare delicious food and it's only open on that day. On so many Sundays we end up choosing that option almost as a beautiful tradition, either alone or together with friends.

It's nice to have a "silly" excuse to open the doors of my house and spend Sunday with the people you love most.

Do you plan your Sundays? Are there any plans for next Sunday already?

As I said, I’m a super-foresighted person, who likes to plan ahead and plan things that will fill my days, also with the purpose of not feeling that I’ve wasted the day or that I couldn't do the things I actually love doing. But Pablo has taught me to see things from another perspective, and to improvise so that we enjoy doing what we feel like doing in each moment. Sometimes it’s hard! But I feel that every time it gets better.

Next Sunday, we will celebrate our birthdays, so our plan is to be with friends and enjoy their love. But we do not have closed plans, we might also enjoy the sun, the laughter and his affection.

Photography: Yolanda Aranda @gatosqueyotepinte