Zaira Zarotti photographer, food stylist and ceramist based in Venice, Italy

You live in a country house, could you tell me more about your Sundays there?

I like to vary my Sundays according to what I feel like doing... but one constant aspect of weekends is surely a very slow breakfast.

During the warm season I love having breakfast in the garden. I sit at a little round table under a blooming wisteria pergola with my breakfast tray. I like to stay in silence, sipping coffee, looking around and cuddling my old cat.

When I stay at home very often I like to make a pottery baking session, so then I have my pieces ready for the glazing session during the week.

Another favorite Sunday's ritual is going to some flea markets. I have always been good at finding small treasures amongst old stuff, so I like to spend my Sunday mornings rummaging through antiques.

Food seems to be one of your passions, do you have a special dish that you prepare only on weekends?

I love food and preparing it is one of my passions! Sometimes during the weekend I like to make recipes that normally require more time as for example gnocchi di zucca (pumpkin dumplings) or fresh pasta. Plus, it's not really weekend if I don't start my day with a super huge pile of pancakes.

You grew up surrounded by creative people, what were your Sundays like during childhood?

I remember many different Sundays, but many of them had in common a slow lunch together with my parents, and quite often, with some of their eccentric and funny artist friends. In winter, we sat around a table in front of a blazing fire, and every time I was stunned by my mother’s sense of hospitality, who would cook for everyone. Then, every lunch ended with my father who made us laugh with crazy stories about bizzare and very common obsessions amongst the creative people he met at the Academy of Fine Art of Venice where he taught for over 40 years.

Photography: Zaira Zarotti @thefreakytable